This project addresses a new direction in training and capacity building in livestock data analytics for staff and students in the Department of Animal Sciences. The emphasis on “Data Value Creation Culture” echoes trends in the application of data in knowledge-driven economies globally.

Overall, the outputs, outcomes and deliverables of this project are not limited to:

  • turning out highly inspiring and professional training in ANS, in line with global best practices in ICT and data culture
  • Entrenching competence, competitiveness, innovation and capacity building in the field of ANS through data culture and intelligence
  • Producing graduates imbued with skills, competence and knowledge in data literacy and intelligence
  • Capacity building for cyber-physical and advanced computing systems for harnessing data for value creation in ANS
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for capacity building to drive science, technology and innovation in ANS
  • New courses (~4 courses) that focus on “big data” analytics, value creation, data warehousing and intelligence, and livestock enterprise development.
  • Producing graduates inspired by data skills, knowledge and competence under the ans novel and innovative training programme.
  • A boost to graduate employability and career options, on account of the special skills and competencies acquired.
  • Overall boost in the quality of outputs of staff and students due to ICT-driven approaches to research, data culture and intelligence.

As part of the efforts in realizing these goals, self paced online training modules are produced and made available for staff and students of the departments.